Futurecraft- The Plan

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Dr. Mackeroth
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Futurecraft- The Plan

Post by Dr. Mackeroth » Sat Mar 30, 2013 7:39 pm

Phase 1- Copernicus and render engine.

-Ship framework
-Graphics update
-Multi-worlds render
-Space framework
-Inter-server networking

Phase 2- Framework for content.


- Vehicle frameworks:
-Ground based vehicles
-Modular crafting

-Electricity/ industrial mod style framework:
-power distribution control (referring to computer framework)
-Framework for ships/systems (inc. weapons, engines, sensors, carrier features, armor/shields)

-In-game computer framework:
-Control chair
-In-game computer role-assignment and communications

-NPC frameworks:
-Crew members
- Robots

-"Gate" system
-Hyperspace travel
-"Dialing device"

- Construction framework:
-Shipyard framework
-Online user-builds "shop"

Phase 3- Content and features.

Higher layers of content will be added as they are discovered and deemed worthy of inclusion. They must be built upon the frameworks in phase 2. This section will be the one that keeps on expanding, and not everything will get added. Think of this as the content packs for Flan's mod, which are built upon his framework (phase 2).

Phase 1 is the realm of Fr0stbyte and any other skilled programmers. It is up to them to tell me and everyone else what is happening within this section of Futurecraft.
Phase 2 is fairly rigid in its make-up. Any obvious over-sights will be added, but this is only a general plan of the functionality of Futurecraft.
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