Galvanic Current

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Re: Galvanic Current

Post by Professor Fenway » Sat May 27, 2017 2:20 am

"There is another fault you should be aware of, Tigan," Transistor said, purely to Tigan as he moved through the ship. "Though my internal time-keeping has not been interrupted, the ships' atomic clock has ceased functionality. I have already repaired it and synchronized it to my clock."

Once the others have left the room, Transistor spoke to Dr. Stein once more.

"Your mental condition is concerning, Doctor Stein. The purpose of cryo-sleep is, partly to avoid such mental degradation, which you sidestepped by your insistence to stay awake as much as possible." Transistor made the AI equivalent of a sigh.

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Re: Galvanic Current

Post by Error » Sat May 27, 2017 11:13 am

"How does one break an atomic clock?" Tigan queries, rhetorically. Grabbing a handhold and swinging into his quarters. Pulling open the locker, he rapidly swapped his cryo-suit for a duty uniform, snagged his personal (and rather extensive) toolbox, and headed towards engineering. It was a short trip.

Settling into a chair in front of the primary diagnostic panel, he set it for a ship-wide diagnostic, checked the progress of the already-active tasks, then pulled himself towards the nearest maintenance tube. Or, as he called them in the privacy of his own head, Jeffries Tubes. Best to get right to work.

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