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Re: Free Man's War

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 9:43 am
by Lightspeedo
- Target Neutralized. Doctor, i think we have an opportunity here.

Said over the comms, tending to the people around with a calm smile and a composed manner.
When the "youngling" reached out to touch his hand, Gill held his claws as if taking care of a child to cross the street.

What was that feeling? The feeling of "Mission Accomplished".
Never in his life people gathered around him like this, and never in his life he fired at a giant T-Rex out of a hologame. It was a good feeling.
Gilliam made sure to mantain video feed to the rest of the team.

_ Are you alright, Chen?

Re: Free Man's War

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 3:22 pm
by Archduke Daynel, PhD
With a quite mixed group of people in the cabin and a cheerful aviator-wearing lady in the cockpit, the Loggerhead-class dropship Betty entered the atmosphere of Second Mercer and quickly began making its way to the surface near the crash site.
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain, or should I say commander, speaking. We're touching down in just a few minutes, so I hope you have all your guns, ammo and other equipment in order. Would be a shame if the trip was ruined by someone forgetting their favorite plasma rifle back at the ship, wouldn't it?"

During the time Gilliam had spent preparing for his mission with the archaeological foundation, Aina had looked around a bit and gathered together a crew of people interested in joining her to the surface. She had sent out a notice about how she was leading a mission primarily to the crash site but with the option of other opportunities if the situation allowed it, and was looking for anyone willing to join and able to contribute. She ended up with a middle-aged scientist, Dr. Brianne Yushkova, who expressed an interest in the planet's oceans and claimed to be of help navigating the region surrounding the crash site; the twin brothers Spencer and Martin Sunder, a young pair of extremely confident treasure hunters, adventurers, and big game hunters who admittedly had a rather good track record; and last but not least, a small mercenary unit 10 man strong, including a graying but still healthy field doctor who looked straight out of a western movie, led by a serious and square-faced man who simply called himself Captain Everson, who had agreed to fall under Aina's command during the mission.

All in all, they were 14, and Aina was satisfied with the group she had brought together. She got on the comms, and attempted to contact Gill, who apparently had already landed on the planet.
"Jones, this is Song. Do you copy? I heard you'd made it planetside, so I thought I should tell you I'm on my way myself."

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Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 3:31 pm
by Lightspeedo
Jones switched the comm channel, to better talk to Song.

" Jones here, copy that. I am having some fun over here, i just took down a T-Rex-like creature and now there is a bunch of boulder tribals around us. If you need help with the crash site, i am on the surface helping some scientists with setting up a camp. Also, i saw something descending on the atmosphere. it could be just a meteriorite, but take care. Remember that "HEAVY TEAM" bull shit we received on our inbox? Be prepared."

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Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 6:59 pm
by cats
"Magnificent." Rhode said wistfully through comms. "Dr. Coval is analyzing the language now, should have a translator ready soon!"
There was a rustle and a chitter among the crowd. The youngling blue hissed to the others, and tugged at Gill's hand. It gestured toward the deep forest and watched Gill, expecting him to follow.

Red lights flashed and warning sirens blared within each Advance Destiny ship. Emergency code Amber: unknown ship in system. The interliners drifted apart, their tethers and umbilicals separating, each with three military escorts.

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Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 3:18 pm
by Professor Fenway
Floating in the sea at the supposed crash site, the crew of Betty would find the wedged ship floating on the waves. It seemed painted almost purely black, but a closer inspection would find the outer hull was covered in panels not unlike solar panels, not metal. There was not a single light on the ship.

And something had clearly gone wrong with it. The thickest part of the ship, where its main engine lay, was covered in flames. Debris was scattered around it, some floating and burning in the water. Strangely, the flames did not give off much smoke at all; what little there was quickly dissipated into the atmosphere.

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Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 8:34 pm
by Lightspeedo
Gilliam decided to follow the tribe, accompaning the youngling with a cheerful smile on the face.

- Doctor, i am going to learn more about the tribals.Send me the translator software as soon as possible. I will be sending my video feed to you all the time. Oh the possibilities! This is amazing!
Trought the comm channel.

He was clearly happy with all that. Contact with a new civilization? "Saving the day" ? Oh wow.

"I hope Song discover what was that. I have the feeling that is no simple meteorite." he thought to himself.

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Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 9:39 pm
by cats
"Yes, yes, good, good!" the Doctor yelled. "I and some others will come after you've confirmed that the translator functions properly! It'll work as soon as we implement it into our network, and should translate both ways. Diction may be off, but it should let you understand, and be understood. To an extent."
"I'll have to keep an eye on the camp, kid." Lee's voice. "Couple flyovers, one confirmed unidentified." He sounded cooler than he had earlier, more businesslike. Like a real mercenary with real problems weighing on his mind. "Chen, keep your head on a swivel."


The village was close, just few minutes' walk over the uneven ground of the forest. It wasn't large, thirty or forty huts scattered among the trees, each of which could sleep, maybe, four or five crab people. There were several larger buildings as well, a few with visible stone foundations, one huge roundhouse, and one structure made of stone and packed earth. Many of the bugs in the town stopped what they were doing to greet the returning group. A few of them made a loud, whining sound after conversation had begun. Most, however, joined the growing crowd that had gathered around Gill and the child. They stood a fair distance back, quietly watching with dark, blank eyes. One of them stepped forward. It looked much like the elder that had broken its club in front of Gill, except the carvings in its shell were different, full of right angles and sharp edges, and on its hip, it wore a strange hammer-like instrument with a pointed metal head. It began hissing and chattering at the youngling, gesturing toward Gill.

Without warning, words began flowing into Gill's helmet
" this?" the tall elder said.
"It killed the old ksishe, it and the other one." the little answered.
"Where is Peacemaker Hisshen?"
The child bowed its head. "She is dead, Shaman Seh."
The Shaman took a step back and chittered.
"The beast fell on her." the youngling said, barely loud enough to hear. "Others died before it killed the ksishe. The yki and rider were first." It paused, whining quietly. "But more would have."
The Shaman rested a claw on the little one's shoulder. "We will prepare a good meal for their journey, Kes." It looked at Gill again. "First... This must be dangerous. It killed the old ksishe? How?"
"I do not know, Shaman Seh."
"Does it speak"

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Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 3:06 pm
by Lightspeedo
It was a nice village, with lots of strange creatures...people. Gilliam accepted the guidance of the youngling, until facing the one that looked like some sort of leader.

- Note: Maybe those carvings are a indication of rank.

He said trought the comms, as if commenting on the situation for the video feed.

Suddenly, words began to be translated. The translator was on!

- I speak, honorable one.
The speakers were on.

Bowed a little, in sign of respect as it would do in front of a king.

Jones tried to use simple sentences and words to not confuse the translator.

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Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 5:55 pm
by cats
As Gill spoke, his helmet spat the hissing, chattering language of the blue people, though it wasn't nearly as smooth as their natural speech. The shaman didn't move or speak for a while. "You killed the old ksishe." Its words were translated as it spoke. "How did you do this?"

The crowd began to murmur, and translations of their conversations filled Gill's helmet in real-time, their voices faint in the background.
"What is it?"
"It killed the ksishe?!"
"No, the hunters injured it, this only delivered the killing blow."
"It couldn't have been the Great Ksishe, could it have?"
"Is that its skin?"
"What is that it's carrying?"
"Only two of them?"

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Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 7:50 pm
by Lightspeedo
- I can not tell you how we did this for i have to speak with my shaman first. But i can assure you, your hunters fought with bravery and honor.

It could be an incident to tell them that they had weapons capable of shooting metal rods at 1000 m/s.

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Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 7:57 pm
by cats
The shaman wrapped his arms around his chest and grabbed two of the many edges of his carapace. "This creature is a harbinger of death." he said in a low voice. "It should not be here."
"But Hisshen made peace-"
"I'm burying Hisshen tonight. And many others."
"It saved-"
The shaman held up a claw. "I know death, little one."

A craft streaked low through the atmosphere, thundering over the treetops.
"Jones." Lee said in his hard voice. "We may have a problem."

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Posted: Mon May 29, 2017 3:42 pm
by Lightspeedo
"Whats the situation, Lee?"

Jones replied trought the comms, giving a signal to Chen. "Harbinger of Death". It was a nice title, but very menacing. Something that is not good in diplomatic stuff.

- I will tell my leader to come to you, for i am just a warrior, honorable one.

Doctor will have to handle it later.

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Posted: Mon May 29, 2017 8:16 pm
by cats
The thunderous din grew louder, then the sound of several consecutive explosions pierced the treetops, followed by distant thuds that made the ground vibrate.
"Ever heard of the Cursed Sons?" Lee sounded apprehensive.
A ghostly moan echoed through the forest. Warhorns. Powerful speakers that could be heard dozens of kilometers away in Earthlike conditions. Gill had heard of mercs and raiders using them for intimidation, but they were rarely used, and illegal in many places. But all of those places were in the Milky Way.
"What was that?" the child said, joined by a chorus of others.
The shaman's dark, faceted eyes bore holes into Gill's. "This is their doing."
"Okay, kid." There was a forced lightheartedness in his voice. "Five mechs headed your way, about six kilometers from the village. Doctor's on the band but he's saying they're hopped up on some shit and plowing through the trees screaming 'kill or die' Won't listen to him. I'd cheese it, if i were you."

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Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:10 pm
by Lightspeedo
"Oh shit. Oh my sweet shit. Oh my shit. Oh my sweet shit. Oh my god, Jay"

Gilliam looked at the Elder.

- You have to get the entire tribe out of here. There are dangerous demons coming this direction and you need to get away from here fast as possible.

After that, Gilliam closed the helmet and sent a coded message to Song trought the comms.

"There are mechs over here from the Cursed Sons. I would love if you gave me a lift or something"

Jones began to move away from the warhorns, going the opossite direction, making a signal to Chen to accompany him .

- Lee, is it possible that we could go back to the landing site? is that place secure?!