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Batiss Batissim: reference

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Batiss Combine
Through All, For nation and Clan
(adapted from House Karesh's motto: "Karesh hadn, biti kell, sha hashen'ec battis." Karesh forever, through all, for nation and clan)
Pre-Combine history[/size] (All dates prior to AD 2194 are approximations)
First Era Expansion War (1760-1860)
The first expansion wars include all conflicts resulting from space exploration in the Batiel System and adjacent systems prior to the advent of second-generation Hyperslip Merge FTL drives. Habitable bodies in the Batiel system are scarce and colonies came at a huge price to the empire that established them. With Mundeshian resources quickly running out, functioning colonies became a nearly priceless commodity within the first decades of space exploration. Before the first FTL drives, most settlements were established on Dosh and Eiennen. It is generally accepted that those settlements were the theater of the first conflicts of the Expansion War. The advent of the Slip-Merge drive in ~1780, instead of alleviating the pressure of limited space, only magnified the conflicts. it was now cheaper to wage long-range war in the far reaches of the stellar plane and even on the barren worlds of nearby systems. 

Unification War (1790-1822)
Conflicts in space quickly led to planetside war. Grudges and nationalistic tension on Mundesh between the five superpowers grew to all-out war. In 1789, several privately funded terrorist attacks were carried out against major cities in each of the five, as well as several smaller nations. Inevitably, the smaller nations were dragged into the conflict through alliances and imperialism. Karth was the first to use a nuclear weapon in 1815: a tactical fission bomb against a fortified Merek position. That was met by Merek's use of an augmented fusion bomb against a Karth city. Karesh then allied with Karth and detonated two fusion warheads in orbit over the Butik military capital. Aggression continued to escalate. By 1817, eleven strategic nuclear and 34 tactical atomic weapons were used in the Mundeshi theater by every superpower except for Shihe, which came to dominate the colonies in the far reaches of Batii space. The numerous smaller nations eventually recognized the threat of outright annihilation and, under the coordination of Shihe and Karesh diplomatic operatives, forged the Mundesh Batium (Unified Mundesh). The UM seized most nuclear stockpiles within the first year of its existence. Over the next three years, the UM pushed, militarily and diplomatically, Merek, Karth, Butik, and Karesh forces from the planet. The five nations retained a fraction of their original territory, the rest was taken by the UM conglomerate. 

Second Era Expansion War (1860-1994)

The UM
The United Mundesh League: Mundesh Battium

Karesh Alliance
Formed in the decades following the first peripheral settlement by Shihe (~1760 AD) during the second era of the expansion wars, the Karesh Alliance was composed of Shihe, Karesh, and Karth.

Butik Alliance
The Butik alliance was a conglomerate of Butik, Merek, and several minor houses. It was formed prior to the Contact War (2194)
The Combine
Provinces/Noble Houses
Noble Houses* are the five superpowers that fought for territory during the expansion wars following the advent of the FTL drive. The nations were exiled from their home planet in the 1800s by the United Mundesh (Mundesh Batium) league. They continue to hold political standing as provinces of the Combine.
*Note that the term "house" does not denote direct familial relation. Most leaders replace their family name with the traditional name of the nation, symbolically joining the 

Generally perceived as the diplomatic/societal superpower, House Karesh gained power through alliances with Karth and Shihe. Despite gaining noteworthiness through diplomacy, the military power of Karesh was significant both before and after combination. Karesh under K.-Tahashen Nihen, and later K. -Tahashen Ni, was the largest influence behind the formation of the Combine.

An economic and cultural power, Butik won power with finance and unregulated bravado. Though federal laws following combination added to the nation's scant list of civil rights and economic regulation, those laws are seldom enforced. Karesh and Butik hold a mutual grudge.

Merek was founded by a clan that dominated the northern half of Mered centuries ago. The exile of the five Nobles left Merek a relatively small nation. Its navy was the smallest among the five, but tactics, persistence, and lust for glory of the line of High Commanders during the Second Era of Expansion shoehorned Merek into a permanent space. Merek holds enmity for Karth.

Karth served as the main source of technological advancement for the Karesh Alliance during the latter part of the Second Era. 

Pioneers of the galaxy. House Shihe cut its ties with Mundesh when it helped form the UM and push the other four Nobles from the planet's surface. The nation had already invested heavily in space exploration when the Unification War broke, and it kept their lead through the Second Era. During the Expansion conflicts, Shihe relied heavily on private military forces. That use of privateers and mercenaries reinforced the image of Shihe as a country of pirates caused by the lax laws against international robbery and hijacking.

Minor Houses
Minor Houses are those that formed during and after the expansion wars. Most began as colonies of the five Noble Houses.

Heavily associated with Karth, Kaal is a center of industry, particularly the manufacturing of advanced weaponry and military equipment. 
General Information
-Name: Batiss Combine (literally Combine Combine)
-Demonym: Batissian/Batii
-Capital: Rasyeh, Kranah, Mundesh, Batiel System
-Leader: Karesh-Taharec Ni (Chairman 2192-2645)
-Systems: ~80 (peak 2700s)
Species Information[/size]
The Batii
The batii are a roughly humanoid race with predatory features. It is theorized that the batii's common ancestor evolved somewhere in the ancient southern forests on the Western continent, then spread to other regions. Due to extensive geographic isolation, three distinct subspecies evolved; one in Kranah (continent and subspecies share the name), the Western continent, and two in Mered (named for Merek, the oldest nation in the region). All Batii share several common traits. They are bipedal with a digitigrade leg structure; their arms terminate in hands, each with five digits (three fingers and two opposing thumbs); their skin is completely or nearly completely covered in fur. The head structure varies among the subspecies, but they all have large ears and a bone and cartilage paranasal plate that makes up much of the front of the face, houses the quartered nasal cavity, and covers the sinuses. The Batii have some internal redundancies, including a small secondary heart, a pair of independent kidneys, and a regenerative liver. Hemoglobin in the blood is accompanied by a significant amount of hemocyanin, giving the fluid a dark, rusty magenta color. Mixed blood proteins operate efficiently in the oxygen-rich atmosphere of Mundesh, but can lead to breathing problems or tissue hypoxia in other environments. Muscle tissue is denser than that of humans to compliment Mundesh's strong gravity.

Kranah[/size] (AKA Western Batii)
Western Batii are native to the plains and forest of Mundesh's western continent: Kranah. Due to eye placement, small paranasal plate, a transitional ankle joint, and joined mandibles, as well as general facial structure, they are considered the most "human" in appearance. Kranah lack a portion of the larynx that is present in Meirakeen and Nae'hohna, giving them a less layered voice.

The Meirakeen are native to the harsh northern portions of Mered, Mundesh's eastern continent. This subspecies is characterized by a wide, angular face, relatively small wide-set eyes, large teeth, and a thick nasal bone plate. The overall appearance is more predatory than the Western variant: Small, muscular stature; thick rib cage; long arms and legs; and a large set of mandibles joined by skin and ligament at the chin. Though much smaller than the other two subspecies, Merekeen are generally seen as more vicious and competitive. It is unclear whether this is in their nature or due to the militant culture of House Merek.

In order to compete with the rising megafauna in the southern reaches of Mered, the Nae'Hohna evolved to be much larger than the two other subspecies. On average, a Nae'hohna batii stands 55cm taller than the average Kranah. Other than their large stature, the Nae'hohna bear several other notable features. The bone and cartilage paranasal plates present in the Merekeen are much more prominent in the Nae'hohna. The thicker facial plates are accompanied by low, wide-set eyes that are capable of lateral motion within the sockets to increase depth perception. The mandables of the Nae'hohna are joined at the chin only by a small amount of elastic connective tissue and skin, allowing them to move both sides of the jaw independently.
Political Information
-Form of Government: Federation
-Leader: Various
-Government personnel (any)
Historic Figures
Karesh-Tahashen Nihen
Merek-Ohn Iedrae
Butik Lauraun
Karesh-Tahashen Ni
Merek-Haedon Haedon
Shihe Rahnn
-Currency: Galactic General
-GDP (applies to all, even if not using economic system)
-Largest sector (manufacturing, technology, etc)
-Wealth distribution
-Misc info
Social Systems
-Primary species: Batii
-Religion: Varied 
-Language: Galactic Common, Western Batii (Kranah), Meredi
-Cultural ideals: Varied
6 capital systems:
(Bah-tē-ĕl or Bah-tēl)
Batiel is a 3 billion-year-old main-sequence orange dwarf with a high energy output relative to its mass and size (K0 V). The system's habitable zone is just under one AU, resulting in a slightly shorter year on Mundesh. Most planets in the system are stripped of any atmosphere by harsh stellar winds. Mundesh, its sister planet, and the gas giant Prall are the few that retain any atmosphere.
A garden world and the second planet in the Batiel system, Mundesh is the homeworld of the Batii. It has a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere (31% O2, 67% N2) at 120kPa (average). The intense UV radiation from Batiel is reflected by a layer of ozone comparable to that of Earth. Mundesh's gravity is about 1.3 standard Gs, resulting in accelerated tectonic activity and a robust magnetosphere. 
The planet's orbit is extremely circular, with a perihelion/aphelion difference under 1million kilometers. Despite the regular orbit, evidence of primordial, catastrophic impacts is present, including a steep orbital angle from Bateil's equatorial plane and the world's two natural satellites: Dosh and Eiennen. The axial tilt of Mundesh is deeper than that of Earth by about 5 degrees. The main rotational axis itself has a retrograde rotation equal to one stellar revolution, resulting in two seasonal cycles per orbital year. These short seasons result in a mild average climate.
Ocean covers a majority of the planet's surface, about 68%. 97% of the landmass is contained within two continents. Each span from the northern to southern ice caps. In English, the two continents are usually referred to simply as "Eastern" and "Western," though Mered is often used in reference to the eastern continent. Both continents have equatorial desert regions, two large, moderate, temperate zones in the northern and southern hemispheres, large forested regions, and polar ice caps. Fresh water can be found in abundance in rivers, streams, and lakes.
Dosh and Eiennen
Mundesh's first moon, Dosh, is smaller than its sister, Eiennen. The two moons share the same orbital period, as their relative position allows them to exist in a state of equilibrium. Eiennen is tidally locked with Dosh and Mundesh.
-Karesh System
-Butik System
-Karth System
-Merek System
-Shihe System
Keeping with the traditionally seclusive manner of the Shihe, this capital system is the farthest from Batiel. 
Several Minor capital systems

-Ship designs:
Narok (Mark I)

Type: Destroyer

Produced: 2450-2670
Builders: Batiss Centralized Military Shipyards, Fueler-Havoc Shipworks, Kaal Military Equipment Corporation
In Service: 2450-2800

Length: 259.6m
Beam: 180m
Height: 98m

Maximum Armament: 
-4 TriLight Heavy Railguns 
-4 (x2 rifle) 500mm combustion cannon turrets 
-1 ship-length magnetic accelerator cannon
-26 point defense laser turrets
-30 30mm point defense autocannons
-30 torpedo tubes (or 14 missile banks)

Planetary Assault:
-up to 6 Heavy Vehicle Drop Tubes
-up to 36 Infantry Drop Tubes
-2 large bomb tubes (up to 45 Lenscrafter heat-effect tactical nuclear bombs)

-4-8 light shuttles
-up to 4 fighters
-3 dropships

-Nanoweave Armor
-Ion Net Reactive Shield System

-Realspace, Hyperspace, and Subspace Sensor Arrays
-Mark 24 ECM Suite
-Military Grade Artificial Intelligence

Compliment: 100-300 crew, 0-2 advanced AI

Narok, loosely translated from Old Kranah Mundeshi, is "The Savage." True to that name, the Narok Class destroyer is able to deal heavy damage to ships of any size and take nearly as much. When it was produced, it was the second most advanced ship in the Batiss Fleet behind the Mark II Vis Class cruiser, which had begun production five years earlier. Its external hull is constructed of a carbon-tungsten weave capable of withstanding energetic or kinetic ship-to-ship weapon fire. The forward hull is reinforced with a second layer of armor to compliment its forward firing line. Narok also has some planetary assault capabilities, which are amplified on later versions of the craft. It's high munitions capacity can be repurposed to carry thousands of tons of vehicles, infantry equipment, and/or an extensive nuclear arsenal.

Narok-Class Destroyers have been used in every armed Clan dispute and major Batiss military action since their release.
Narok II
[font='Lucida Grande', 'Lucida Sans', Verdana, Arial, sans-serif][background=#fdfaf7]Equipment[/background][/font]
Engines: Propulsion: 2 Megnetoplasma Pump Arrays, 1 Repulse-Effect Engine
FTL: Advanced Slip Merge Drive
Power Supply: Up to 3 Fusion Reactors or 1 antimatter furnace
Shielding: Void Shield 
Misc Equipment:
Type: Destroyer

Produced: 2650-
Builders: Fueler-Havoc Shipworks, Batiss Centralized Military Shipyards
In Service: 2650-

Length: 244m
Height: 95.6m
Beam: 110m
Though significantly lighter than its predecessor, the Narok Mark II matches the Mark I in assault capability and nearly doubles its ship-to-ship strength. With redundant, mobile armor plating, the Narok II can endure heavy fire from nearly any direction while effectively tracking a target. Its main armament ensures that that target suffers grievously.
-Planetary forces designs:
FV-BM 40 Peregrine
The Peregrine combat mech was originally manufactured by the Kaal Military Equipment Corporation in the Tec Kaal system. Due to its high maneuverability and long-range standard payload, along with a relatively low production cost, it became popular among Clan militias throughout the Batiss Combine. For the years proceeding initial manufacturing, the Kaal Military Equipment Corporation was heavily regulated by federal agencies, meaning that Peregrine mechs and all other products of KME could be purchased outside of the Combine only in black markets and other illegal vendors. After the 2470 Merek-Karth Civil War, the Peregrine design and rights were sold to Fueller-Havoc Arms Industries, which was under much less regulation. The Peregrine can now be found throughout the galaxy, used extensively by the Strigiforme military.
The emblem of the Peregrine and its pilots 
-Ship numbers
-Military leaders
-Ground forces numbers
-Points distribution
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Re: Batiss Batissim: reference

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May I recommend removing the size tags?
It appears SK deals with size slightly different from our software...
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Re: Batiss Batissim: reference

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Re: Batiss Batissim: reference

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Yeah the SK forum automatically BBCodes everything and it does it reeeaalaly shittily. Like four or five font tags or multiple sizes. Fixed the size.
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a completely ad-hoc plot device"
— David Langford
cannonfodder wrote:it's funny because sonic's face looks like a * and faces aren't supposed to look like a *

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