Strange stuttering in FTB Ultimate

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Strange stuttering in FTB Ultimate

This probably comes as a surprise to no one, but I rarely play with other people's mods for more than brief experimentation, but I had a friend who wanted to start a map using the Feed The Beast - Ultimate pack, so we did that. Now, the strange thing I encountered was that no matter what settings I had, there would always be this strange FPS stuttering between once and twice per second. I was able to narrow it down to the chunk sorting routine in the non-tick rendering path, but I have no idea why the sorting would be running so frequently even while I am stationary, or why it would hold up the render pipeline so fiercely. Ostensibly, I have the same version of all the mods as my friend, but I'm the only one with the issue despite having a much more powerful rig.

I'm pretty much positive it is one of the mods, but with that many suspects, it will be a massive pain to debug, if it is even possible. Probably grasping at straws here, but has anyone else experienced this before?

And before anyone asks, Optifine didn't impact the stuttering in the slightest, though there was a curious amount of overhead going towards occlusion culling even in fast-cull mode, which shouldn't be firing at all if you are not moving (but that might be hand-waved as the profile markers being placed inaccurately).
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Re: Strange stuttering in FTB Ultimate

Well my machine was never of the brightest so I know a bit how to optimize, I should change it soon but that only if I get to the special army program or otherwise I won't need it for the next 3 years :tongue: . Anyway simply try lowering some settings, for example set graphics to fast even though there is no noticeable difference it really improves performance. Aside from that I have no idea which mod can cause it or how to find it. I guess you could disable em one by one if you have a lot of spare time. I have chicken chucks disabled it did some problems for me.
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