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MC Resource Packs

I probably should have been following this development more closely, but does anyone know of any decent guides on how the 1.6.1 resource packs work? From what I've seen, it looks pretty cool, especially the Forge-style generated texture atlas, but I haven't found much detail on what all the format can do, especially these .mcmeta files, which appear to be json meta data, but only on certain things.

For instance, the clock and compass get an "animation": {} tag, but no indication of which frames mean what. Presumably, this is still hard coded, but if so, what is the point of the .mcmeta file? Other animated tiles have a frametime value, and lava_still has a list of frames, which appear to go all the way through the cycle and then reverse direction, so I guess those are the basic options. That's the only native stuff I've found so far, but it looks like you can do a lot more than that for a 3rd party resource pack, but I'm not finding many links about it with any substance.

And what about paintings? Those are still in the texture atlas format, but I've seen animated paintings on Reddit, which supposedly can be done with the resource pack, so how do they manage that? Dinnerbone goes months and months without changing anything of consequence to the engine, and now there's all this. That's what I get for growing complacent.
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Re: MC Resource Packs

Previously it was all animated using MCpatcher stuff, I don't know how to use the new stuff beyond animating textures and I guess I should start using the sound future too, I thought it works like in texture packs that you replace the file that exists in your install with a file at the exact location with the exact name that you want it to be replaced with
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