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Rules! Read before posting!

Hello, and welcome to the Futurecraft Forums! If this is your first visit and you have been redirected here, please take a look at the below to avoid bringing any undue trouble upon yourself. Thanks.

Note that all the rules below are punishable by a warning per offense, which are irrevocable, so keep on your toes.

  • No deliberately antagonizing other forum users. IE: posting for no reason other than ripping on someone else, otherwise known as flaming.
  • No necroposting. Don't post in a thread that's over a handful of weeks old, unless you intend to make another topic with the same premise. It is also acceptable to post in your own ship thread, no matter how long it has been dead.
  • No off-topic that’s not in the Off-Topic Area. This includes posting threads that do not belong in a particular subforum and derailing threads that are in the correct place. Off-topic posts and threads will either be deleted or moved to where they belong.
  • No spamming posts. A forum is a place for thoughtful discussion, ergo, making meaningless replies to threads to get your post count up is uncalled for and only serves to clutter up the board. If that's seen to be the case, said posts will be deleted without prior notice.
  • No posting 'unclean' material in any form. Pornographic images/fiction, illegal discussion (ala Piracy or actions considered crimes by US federal law), etcetera. 'Shock' images and stories are also frowned upon.
  • Do not create alternate accounts. You don't need more than one forum account, if that's found to be the case the alt will be deleted and you'll get a warning.
  • Do not reveal private information. If you're the recipient in an external chatroom or the private messaging system here, please consult the other members in the conversation before taking it upon yourself to post a log here. We don't need that kind of drama.

Accruing three Warnings will result in an automatic ban by the forum software.
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