News relating to the forum server (important)

Concerning changes to the rules, styling, etc. As this is a new forum, feedback is appreciated.


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News relating to the forum server (important)

For those who haven't seen this in the Skype chat, here you go:

Life has been really hectic for me recently (moving, schoolwork, etc.), and as a result I've forgotten to throw more money in the DigitalOcean account. Slight problem there; I don't actually have more money to put in atm. As a result, I now owe them 11 cents (which I actually have, but they only accept Paypal payments in $5 increments). So we kinda need someone to throw $5 in the pot to keep this place running until I can get more cash (like 2 weeks from now).

In addition to this, I'm very seriously considering moving us to Cloud at Cost. It isn't the highest quality service, but it's more than enough for a forum, and only $12 a year. I'll be paying for that myself as soon as I get the funds, since even if we have to keep the forum on DigitalOcean, I'll still end up with a new VPS in the end.

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Re: News relating to the forum server (important)

Give me something I can use a debit/credit card for and I'll pay it.
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