How Big's Yours?

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How Big's Yours?

The ranges are based on emergent patterns of Hexalan's vessels, and from a design perspective should be viewed as guidelines.

Smallcraft (Strikecraft, shuttles, dropships, etc): 15-25m
Escort (Pinnace, corvette, etc): 100-300m
Frigate: 500-600m
Destroyer: 500-700m
Cruiser: 1000-1300m
Capital (Carrier, Battleship, etc): 2700-3100m
Supercapital (Dreadnought, battleship, etc): 4900-5200m
SuperX (X=Dreadnought, battleship, etc): 9-11km
"Ultracapital" (Titan, leviathan, etc): 20km+
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Re: How Big's Yours?

Well my dreads are around 2 km long, that is 2.5 times smaller than yours. BTW as they are both dreadnaughts they are equal in strength which should be nothing good for your ship building industry ? I dont care though couse Im not planning on joining that measurement context of an RP anytime soon. Also do you have an idea how much building a 20km ship costs ? If you ask me the cost far outprices the usefulness. But then again no shit is given about construction costs and all ...

Know what ? In that RP numbers don't play any role, it doesn't matter if your "Ultracapital" is 20 km, 200km or 200m so long its called "Ultracapital" so yup ...
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Post Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:45 am

Re: How Big's Yours?

Just because you're still evidently sandy about the RP, doesn't mean you should take it out on me. [/sarcasm, probably]

And of course the numbers don't matter, the scifi is not only softer than a rotten apple, but so is the fiction of the RP in general. If I need my undersized-by-five-to-ten-klick-long-titan done in a time shorter than the decades it'd take to realistically build such a vessel, I can do so, because the plot I'm trying to force will demand it.

Though, your claim that ship classes between empires would be the same is, usually, very very very wrong. Only in the case where a system uses something logical like a ship's purpose or firepower to categorize them would such a match be the case.

Also, you forgot to post the Terran Union's classification system, by the way.

Post-script: And also as well, "Ultracapital" is not an actual class and Hexalan does not call anything an Ultracapital. What they do use are Titans, Leviathans, and any other names I decide to come up with.

Edit: And might I mention that anything bigger than a dread is entirely unwieldy and operates basically entirely off Rule of Cool.
cats wrote:I literally cannot be wrong about this fictional universe
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Re: How Big's Yours?

NeoRome doesn't like to rank according to size purely; there are some (albeit expensive) big weapons that, mounted on a frigate, can compete with the firepower of a cruiser or bigger. Soft sci-fi means we can go to ridiculous mode with stuff like that. Particularly with ship sizes--these are all bigger than modern aircraft carriers.

At any rate,

Strike Craft: 10-20 meters

Corvettes: 50-130 meters

Frigate: 150-250 meters

Destroyer: 300-450 meters

Cruiser: 500-650 meters

Battlecruiser: 600-700 meters

Capital ship:800-1000 meters

Super-Capital: 1100-1500 meters

Dreadnought: 1600+

Rough estimate. But due to using primarily energy weapon systems, ships can be scaled up linearly with increasing firepower merely by scaling up the reactor and without need for ammunition storage--making ship designs in all categories, overall, much smaller.
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Post Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:05 am

Re: How Big's Yours?

Novan ships are based off role, not size, but the avg. size of the types are:

Strike Craft: 6-20 meters

Corvette: 20-50 Meters

Frigate: 120 - 180 meters

Destroyer: 200 - 350 meters

Cruiser: 400 - 700 meters

Battlecruiser: 600 - 750 meters

Strike Cruiser: 700 - 900 meters

Battlecarrier: 950 - 1200 meters

Supercapital: 1500 - 2500

Arkship: 2500 - 3000 meters

Titan - 5000 - 15,000 meters

Note, no Titans, Supercapitals, or Strike Cruisers have ever been completed.
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Post Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:54 am

Re: How Big's Yours?

General note: the MQE uses this system to classify other factions' ships as well, to more easily assess potential combat scenarios.

Strikecraft: <50m

Corvette: 50-150m (classification 'corvette' may be replaced by role-specific terms such as 'patrol', 'minelayer', etc., rather than prefixes as in larger ships)

Frigate: 150-250m (often geared towards support or anti-fighter roles)

Destroyer: 200-350m (geared towards ship-to-ship combat - these ships form the bulk of the MQE navy)

Light Cruiser: 250-500m (deemed the largest ships suitable for support roles by MQE high command)

Escort Carrier: <500m

Heavy Cruiser: 500-750m

Light Carrier: 500-750m

Battlecruiser: 750-1500m (a capital ship in size, but not designed as a "ship of the line" and not considered a capital in the MQE, not in use with MQE Navy)

Battleship: 750-1000m

Fleet Carrier: 750-1000m

Dreadnaught: 1000m-1500m

Supercarrier: >1000m

Superdreadnaught: 1500-2000m

Titan: >2000m

Where strikecraft and corvettes are considered light ships, Frigates and Destroyers are medium ships, Cruisers and Battlecruisers are heavy, Battleships and Dreadnaughts are categorized as capital ships and Superdreadnaughts and Titans are considered supercapitals.

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Re: How Big's Yours?

I haven't been in a roleplay for the last 2 years(or done anything else than occationally check the forums,for that matter),but if my old notes are correct,they would be Ivan's size,plus 300-500 meters.

Too lazy to make a list own :V
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